Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mornings at my House

Within a few moments of my children waking up and my niece getting dropped off, this is the sight that greets me. Don't they look so nice playing together? The funny thing is, that overall, this is how they are together all day long. Every so often one gets cranky with another and they fight over a toy or attention or cups, but overall, they love to play together. (That's not to say they are perfect angels. Oh no. They get into tons of trouble, they just do it together, or they take turns, so that some days my hair needs a good pulling out). I may think they are good kids because of my extremely high levels of patience (I have been told by many that I have this patience and that they are amazed at my ability to discipline without getting irritated and upset, but hey, they are just kids and getting mad never helps anything, especially in the world of discipline, not that I never get mad or upset, I am just lucky enough to understand kids most of the time and that transfers into patience for their outrageous behaviors at times), but I really do believe that they are good kids.

Anyway, I do have some knitting content for you today too! I have another pic of my daughter in her sweater. This is before school, complete with her hand-painted ceramics from the Pottery Bayou that she insisted be in the picture with her.

That's a pig and a dragon in case you are wondering. I also recieved a beautiful hand painted mug for my birthday with a fairy on it. It was completely her idea, the mug. She knows I like my mugs and fairies, so she said she wanted to get me a cup with fairies on it, so I said talk to Mafaire (A.K.A. Grandma) and see if she will take you to the Pottery Bayou (I love that place), and so they went. I didn't think I should go since it was a gift for my birthday.

This sweater is torturing me, I swear. And I realized that my husband has VERY long arms. They are much too long I tell ya.

This is Serge from the Rowan 40 Magazine. Love the pattern, love the yarn, hate the sleeves. I am still on the first sleeve, which I had hoped to finish on Monday. They just never seem to get any longer, no matter how long I knit them. Argh!
This next picture is fun at least, and is dreams of things to come. Here we have the beginnings of the tank for the yarn store (it's the Surplice Lace Top from the Nashua N.A. Designer Collection 4). IT is kind of pain since it is knit in so many different pieces, but the yarn is lovely for cotton. It glides so nicely, I didn't believe it was pure cotton! Also, there are some very fun armwarmers in the making uses Lorna's laces color Watercolor of my own design. Those are truly fun when I need some color! The green yarn is some Noro Cash Iroha that I scored for cheap and I am still searching for a pattern for it. The two variegated are Artyarns Supermerino. I am trying to decide between the 2 which one will become Wicked (since GASP! I frogged the one I made. It just wasn't working for me and that yarn needs to work for me). Any suggestions on which I should use? I just bought one of each to swatch with and see how the colors turn out knitted up.

I love the way it looks on our painted radiator cover. So pretty! The kids painted it with sponges in red, purple and blue and I love the way it and it was fun to do too! ok off to have my coffee. I somehow did this whole post without my morning cup, so I hope it makes sense. I can't vouch for my state of mind in the mornings!


Becki said...

I like the green and blue for Wicked- it may be that I just spent a while knitting w/ the purple club Lorna's Laces, but imagining what it looks like knit up.... well, I just like it better! (Which is shocking because you know my favorite color is purple!)

dileri said...

Hi - I just clicked through from the knittyboards to look at your minisweater - very cute. I also enjoyed reading your approach to disciplining your children. Where can I get some of that patience?
Btw, I like the blue-green Lorna's for your Wicked.