Friday, March 16, 2007

Lovin Em!

I finished the armwarmers and boy are they cute!

First,One skein of Lorna's Laces will do this much on a pair of armwarmers: One skein did one whole one and finished the thumb gussett on the second. I was amazed. A little shorter and these could have been made with one skein! (Not that I wanted them shorter mind you, I love that they are elbow length)
So here they are, shining in the morning light (Pictures courtesy of Morrigan Daniel, professional photographer at only 4)

I love how the light is only shining on the warmers in this pic: This next pic is the revised color choice of Morrigan. She was hard and fast sticking to her plan for "plain purple" ones until she saw this yarn. And then it was all "oh I want that! Because yellow and orange are my favorite colors!"

Otherwise, I won't bore you with another grey picture of grey yarn trying to finish up a grey sleeve for a grey sweater that I cast on for last night during Grey's Anatomy (Anyone else getting fed up with the change to all drama? What happened to the comedy?!). I am drowning in GREY. But hey, I have just about the most colorful armwarmers now to wear while I am knitting the grey, holding me back from the brink.


Batty said...

Beautiful! I love 'em too.

Pixie Purl said...
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pixie knits! said...

Those are amazing! I really hope you're able to post the pattern, because I would LOVE to make myself a pair. I'm always freezing cold in my office at work, and fingerless is nice because I can still type. They're really my favourite armwarmers I've seen yet. Great job!