Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dyeing Party!

Ok so it wasn't really a party. It was just my sister and I, but we did have fun! We started with this...

Added our dyes (red for me, green for her)...And ended up with this...She is happy with the color of hers. I am going to dye mine again in hopes of a deeper red. It looks deeper in this picture than it actually is. We used gel dyes for cakes and frosting and I really liked using them. I bought a whole bunch of colors as I have some other yarns I would like to dye or overdye.

In actual knitting news, I have finished one of the sleeves for Serge for the hubby and of course, have been procrastinating casting on the other. Also the beautiful weather the past few days has kept me out of the house as much as possible before the true cold March weather rolls back in (starting tomorrow I hear). We went to the South Side Irish parade where, and here i digress, I encountered some of that good crowd mentality that you don't really hear about too much. While trying to wade through the wall of people in front of one of the bars in search of my daughter and cousin up a few blocks, we got stuck. Not a person was willing to move out of the way of the stroller carrying Rowan until one fairly drunk youngin started yelling at everyone to get out of the way for the baby. This then carried along through the crowd which parted like the red sea. There was only one incident of a bad person in the crowd trying to start a fight with another, but the crowd quenched it quicky with many outcries of "hey there's a baby here!". Wow. I tell ya, never again will I leave the safety of the end of the parade route in order to traverse through the drunken masses (next year I will also keep both children with me at all times in order to avoid this as well). But anyway, in the little knitting I have been doing, I did finish one of these:

These are the armwarmers of my own design using Lorna's Laces in color Watercolor that has been lounging in my stash. (You should know that over the years I have aquired a fair bit of sock yarn, primarily in Lorna's Laces that I am now trying to pare down a bit but I am not in the mood to make socks. Hence the armwarmers and possibly a few more sets to come in varying designs). My daughter wants a pair too now, but in purple. Whenver she sees mine, she says "I wish I had some mitts to wear like yours. But I want purple." So I will make some for her next as those will probably take me all of 2 days to start and finish. As per usual, I will leave you with some fun pics of the kids. Most from the museum, one not. (Excuse the mess that is my desk in the background...I have a lot of books and a lot of papers that seem to end up strewn across the desk. )

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Becki said...

So when do I get my pair of those arm warmers? I'd like to have them "on hand" for when the weather turns chill again... (I'd apologize for the pun, but it's in our blood!)