Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sickness and Knitting

Well all last week there was a nasty cold spreading its way around the house. First the kids, then me, then the hubby got it. Amongst snuggles and tea, I was able to do a tremendous amount of knitting...as long as it was plain stockinette without thought.

The first FO are these mittens done in Knit Picks yarn (the bulky alpaca stuff...can't remember the name). It's the pattern from Weekend Knitting. I basically knitted these mittens while watching the new King Kong movie. Talk about a quick knit! (and a depressing movie!). Almost the whole time I also had one of my monsters snuggled up with me.

After that, I figured I would work on Wicked. Talk about a brainless knit. I hate this picture, but until I can get my hubby to take one of me in it, this is the angle I get when my 4 year old takes the pic for me. I am also unsure about the sweater. I LOVE the yarn and it is incredibly cozy, but I am still going back and forth on the fit. I didn't do any shaping on the sleeves as I did the pattern as it was written, and so the sleeves are a bit bulky and awkward. They don't look as wierd as they feel though. As I thought, I just about ran out of the green yarn. If I had had more of it, I would have added about an inch to the body. As it is, I had 900 yards of the green which is what the pattern called for in the size I made for the entire sweater. It is a good thing I thought ahead and made the edgings in the cream or I would never have had enough yarn. So right now this sweater gets a "meh" a bit until I wear it more and see what I really think of it.Finally, I made Glampyre's minisweater (a.k.a. Boobholder). By far my favorite knit over my weeklong st st spree! I made mine in some Malabrigo (color: Pagoda) that I had in the stash. It took about 1 1/2 skeins to make the whole thing and it is a bit bigger than the original. I made it longer so that it would cross in the front as well as eliminating the poufy sleeves but making thesleeves longer. I absolutely love it and want to make more in other colors. I wore it out the other night to dinner and a concert in honor of my Gramere so there are some very cute pics of it that others took, but I don't have them, so I had to settle for the bathroom pic.Moving on from that, I have a question for you. What happens when there are 2 LYS sales on the same day, and one of those sales is 40% off for a limited time? 8 skeins of Cascade Indulgence, 10 skeins of Rowan Wool Cotton, 12 skeins of Extra Australian Merino Wool and 1 gorgeous skein of Tilli Thomas Disco Lights in Olive (which as you can see, I could not keep my hands off of it and had to start knitting with it right away. It is quickly becoming a long, flowy head scarf). My only regret is thatI didn't buy another skein of the TIlli. At that price, wow.

Now I really must get back to knitting the sleeves on the Nantucket for my LYS so I can bring it in this week. I copped out last week and used the sick excuse, so I really have to finish it now. I'll leave you with a couple adorable pics of the kids at the Museum of Science and Industry from yesterday. (as you can see, we are all feeling better and everyone but the hubby is over the cold!).


Tink said...

For a 4 year old, she takes some damn good pictures!

Batty said...

Taken by a 4 year old? Now I'm impressed!

I actually like the way your Wicked fits. And that cute little boob holder vest thingie... I think I need one!